Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Male Bashing & Feminism

I have become painfully aware of the bashing of men in Feminism. Are we really stooping so low to put men down in order to make ourselves feel stronger. In doing so I believe we are loosing our essence as women.

We have always been taught since childhood that when someone is mean to us, makes fun of us, or is plain evil to us it is because they are either jealous or insecure of themselves. Is this what we are doing in our Woman's Right Movement? Putting men down so we feel superior to them. Stripping them of their own incredible talents so we can have the upper hand? 

I support gender equality, in so much as women have their roles and man have theirs. If a man and woman have the same job they should indeed be getting paid the same wage but you shouldn't put down a woman who wants to be home raising their children. That is what that woman has chosen. How sad that  Feminism has become a bashing of both men and women following their basic instincts. Men who want to be the breadwinner and a woman who wants to be a mother. A mother who actually wants to be with her children and takes responsibility in their upbringing instead of allowing the schools or a random nanny to raise them. (Don't you ever wonder what you did wrong when your child is grown? Take a look at their upbringing, and how involved you were in it. Perhaps it would make a clearer picture of where you should put the blame. You are the only person who knows your child and what they need.)

Feminism has unfortunately, caused men to become weak and bitter against women. Perhaps and most likely a fault of their own, they have split off into extremes. The first is the man who is aggressive sexually never satisfying his need and uses it as a power tool over woman. Describing ever contour of the female body and how he will use it to his pleasure. Think of pop music today. The second man is timid and doesn't even know how to be a man, or he feels that women would reject his being a gentleman because it might offend her distorted view of femininity and make her feel inferior to him. This man has a second rate job (or no job at all since the 'honey' is the breadwinner) and becomes lazy and irritable and resembles a cranky female during 'that time of the month.' The third man has an ego larger that his own world and is basically, to put it simply feels 'to sexy for his shirt.' Therefore making it very difficult to find a good woman who can put up with his arrogance and insincerity.

Is this the outcome and purpose of feminism? Feminism created by whom and with what agenda? It seems we shall find out what true feminism is all about.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Introduction To Feminism

To cue you into what I am attempting to study, I am going in to the origins of Feminism and their male roots. Yes I said it "MALE" roots. Oh! You were unaware that men created the feminist movement? Ah! Well that is what we are going to be finding out together. Whether men started it because they actually wanted to help the plight of women or for their own selfish reasons. All this and more we will find out. 

Signing off for now