Monday, May 9, 2011

Moving Blues

I now have tremendous respect for those in the moving profession. Although I believe they must all be quite mad to have made such a career choice, I nonetheless admire them. We moved four hours to our new home and rented a truck that we needed to return at the same place we rented it from. Starting at 9 A.M. we loaded the truck and headed to our new home. Arriving around 4 P.M. we unloaded some things, went to pick up some pieces of furniture we had just bought and finished unloading the truck. At 6 P.M. (after indulging in delicious dunkin donuts) we head back to drop off the truck and pick up the car. Picking up the car at 10 P.M., we then drive 4 more hours to our beautiful new home. Not being able to keep my eyes open I doze off a few times but not long enough to make the trip any shorter. We finally get home around 2 A.M. and try to get some sleep but alas sleep would rather be a tease. Somehow we must have dozed off because we awake to sounds of knocking at our door. Thinking it must be between 10 and 11 in the morning, since we were expecting the internet to be set up about that time, my husband drags himself out of bed to answer the door. I remain lazy and stay in bed feeling satisfied that I must have gotten enough sleep. My husband comes back into the room and I ask him what time it is. He reply with "It's 8:30." I needless to say, after hearing that am no longer satisfied with the amount of sleep I have gotten and I have never felt more exhausted. (Hilarious how your mind loves to harass you) So I drag myself out of bed and make the coffee. After the coffee we decide to inspect the house a bit and maybe get cleaned up and started on our day. Ah alas! The shower doesn't work. O and the air conditioning. O and did I mentions there aren't any screen on any of the windows so I am unable to open them to let in what is really a beautiful day with a lovely breeze. There are other things but so I don't sound as if I am complaining I will stop with that.... Unless I should mention that whilst trying to unpack my kitchen I must first wipe out and wash every cabinet.... Which is really making this all the more difficult. I really hope I don't have to move again for a while!
On a happy note.... I am very happy I am living here in my new house I just have some Moving Blues. O there I did it again. I have to add it somewhere.

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