Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Is My Cilantro Dying?

I noticed the last two days or so my cilantro plant was under the weather and thinking it had to do with lack of sun I brought him outside to enjoy the intense sunshine of Myrtle Beach. I soon realized that the "intense sunshine" was doing absolutely nothing to lighten his mood and he was looking worse, so i decided to research how to save my cilantro plant. So as any good modern person would do I googled "Why is my cilantro dying?" and like magic it answered my question. (Ahh how lazy we have become.... answers at our fingertips. We needn't truly research anything anymore. Even schools, when needing more that one source are allowed to use the internet for their multiple sources.) The gist of it came down to cilantro being hard to grow and some other reasons I can't seem to remember. So to not waste this amazing plant something had to be done. I decided to cut the leaves and make Sofrito!

1 Onion
1 Head of garlic (yes head not clove)
2 Jalapenos (if you don't like it to have a kick substitute with half green bell pepper)
1 Red pepper
Lots of cilantro ( I never really ever measured how much I put in, I like a lot of cilantro so I put a lot in it is up to your own taste buds. )

Chop up onions and peppers in to 1-2 inch chunks. ( This really depends on how good your blender or food processor is.) Combine with all other ingredients and blend to it becomes a little soupy. (See Picture above)
And Voila you have Ze Magnific Sofrito. I use this with rice, fish, chicken, beef, really be experimental it is a wonderful addition to a lot of different foods.

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